Paediatric Psychology

The Paediatric Psychology service provides assessment, formulation, support and intervention for children, young adults, their siblings and parents living with (or previously treated for) a range of medical conditions.

Examples of referrals I can work with include: –

  • Support with adjustment and coping with
    • Diagnosis of medical condition
    • Living with medical condition and treatment
  • Strategies to make it easier to take medication and follow treatment plans
  • Coping with invasive procedure, e.g.
    • Blood test
    • Cannulation
    • Preparation for surgery
  • Dilemmas around decision making in relation to treatment options
  • Coping with physical symptoms where no organic cause has been found
  • Coping with chronic pain with the aim of reducing the impact of symptoms on valued areas of life
  • Support for child and family for difficulties with: –
    • Sleep
    • Feeding
    • Toileting
    • Behaviour